Tropical Manicure (NOTD)


Hey Dragon❤ say Hello to everyone
Hey all, I'm back with my new manicure and this time its inspired by my baby birdie "DRAGON". Dragon is my, blue & gold macaw pet bird ❤️. Say hello to him ๐Ÿ‘‰
 I have used blue & golden yellow nail paints for gradient base and used my new stamping plate to give it more tropical look. I'm loving it, hope you all like it too:) 
Don't forget to comment and share. I'm waiting for your valuable suggestions. Love you all!!! XOXO

 Nail Art: Tropical Manicure
Technique: Mixed Media 
Difficulty: Medium 

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Shinaaya Naya said...

Nice color combination

Fuchsia Magik said...

Thanks you Shinaaya <3

Ghita said...

wow love the colors <3

The Headcase Christian said...

Great colors. I would've loved to have seen the process.

Tanyi Melvis Bechemnyo said...

Hello to you gold macaw pet!

OtziUk said...

Gorgeous colours! It always fascinates me the talent that goes into nail art. Well done.

Prachi | Bachelor of Roaming said...

Wow! That nail art looks amazing! I love the colours! :D

Helen Paul said...

Wow that's look pretty cool! The colors of nature are amazing. Looking forward to see more.