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The Body Shop Launches

Elixirs of Nature”

with Media’s Sweet Heart Maya Ali

Elixirs of Nature

                                                          Five New Exotic Eau De Parfums 


The Body Shop has recently launched their new range of fragrances "Elixir of Nature". Elixir of Nature consists of five new exotic fragrances. All these fragrances uses headspace technology to avoid harming the rare plant.

"Truly out of this world, these five immersive new eau de parfums are authentic interpretations of some of the planet’s most precious natural scents. Aromas that without protection, might disappear from the world altogether. Using non-destructive technology the essence of each illusive botanical is distilled without harm, allowing them to live on, just as wild as nature intended them to be." -TheBodyShop

"Headspace technology is a technique developed in the 1980s to elucidate the odor compounds present in the air surrounding various objects. Usually the objects of interest are odoriferous objects such as plants, flowers and foods." -Wiki
It took three years for the former pharmacist to design a collection of five perfumes inspired from rare plants of Switzerland, Bora Bora, India, French Guiana and South Africa. 
The five perfumes were named after the wild they were extracted from.
1- Widdringtonia,
2- Bowhanti, 
3- Swietenia,
4- Kahaia
5- Nigritella.


This woody aromatic fragrance is from Western Cape, South Africa.The fragrance features exotic woody notes. It has classy masculine scent that mesmerizes the senses.  The fragrance is available as a 50 ml (1.69 US FL OZ)  Eau de Parfum. 

 "A woody aromatic fragrance, with Clanwilliam Cedarwood at its heart, with notes of warm, aromatic sage and vetiver for earthy sophistication. This fragrance instantly takes you to South Africa’s Cederberg mountain range: imagine a breath of fresh air blown through the cedar wood, at the summit of snow capped peaks." -TheBodyShop 


This spicy perfume is from French Guiana, Amazonia. The fragrance is composed of spicy woody notes. It has a very seductive feminine scent. The fragrance is available as a 50 ml (1.69 US FL OZ) Eau de Parfum. (My fav.) 

 "A spicy woody scent, Bowhanti from the Wacapou tree is combined with a smoky blend of patchouli and incense, creating a mysterious and seductive scent. A modern, full-bodied spicy scent, it transports you instantly to the French Guianan tropical rainforest, with its hot, steamy, enveloping aromas." -TheBodyShop 


This sweet perfume is from Bangalore, India. The fragrance is composed of sweet floral notes. It has a sweet feminine scent. The fragrance is available as a 50 ml (1.69 US FL OZ)  Eau de Parfum.

"Our Elixirs of Nature Swietenia Eau De Parfum captures the floral scent of the endangered Mahogany flower combined with the sparkling orange flower and bigarade leaf creating a delicate, fresh fragrance. Using headspace technology, the rare swietenia fragrance remains unharmed allowing you to experience a rare scent from a far corner of the world. Inspired by floral colognes, this bright fragrance is airy, citric, crisp and gentle with an undertone of flowers. Transporting you to the intense humidity of Bangalore, South India, where this flower grows high in the trees. The perfect scent for feeling fresh and vibrant on a balmy evening." -TheBodyShop


This floral fragrance is from Bora Bora, French Polynesia and the fragrance is composed of fresh floral notes. It has a floral feminine scent. The fragrance is available as a 50 ml (1.69 US FL OZ)  Eau de Parfum. 

"A white floral bouquet. It has the Kahaia flower at its heart, and this combines with notes of Jasmine Sambac and creamy Benzoin to create a bright, luminous facet. This fragrance is reminiscent of blooming flowers awaiting the sunrise on a deserted tropical island. The Kahaia bush only releases its most narcotic white floral scent at night, on the beaches of Bora Bora, French Polynesia." -TheBodyShop


This oriental vanilla fragrance is from The Alps, Switzerland. The fragrance is composed of mysterious, sophisticated vanilla notesIt has a sweet feminine scent. The fragrance is available as a 50 ml (1.69 US FL OZ)  Eau de Parfum. 

 "A luxurious floral fusion of rare Red Vanilla Orchid, Tuberose and Vanilla. This is an opulent fragrance with fiery sensuality. This fragrance transports you instantly to high in the Alps where the orchid blooms. The intoxicating floriental fragrance is seductive and addictive." -TheBodyShop 

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