City Cafe Hi Tea Menu Launch

City Cafe & Grill Hi-Tea Launch

City Cafe & Grill recently launched their hi-tea menu📜. I was invited✉️ to the launch event by #BMPR. I loved the shabby chic decor🌹🌿at the entrance and the cosy ambiance of the café. The food served🛎was freshly made and hot. Loved their chicken sandwiches🍞, fried chicken strips🍗 and caramel crunch sponge cake. My 'TAPAL' tea☕️ was also perfect 👌 Thank God🙏🏼they don't serve Lipton teabag tea, I'm a huge & loyal fan of TAPAL tea ❤ . I'd love to go back there again to try their main course menu📜. 

Address: 13 CCA, Phase 5, DHA, Lahore, Pakistan
Contact # 0347 7770317
FB Page: City Cafe & Grill

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