THE BRAND OF YOU with Aurélie Salvaire

THE BRAND OF YOU with Aurélie Salvaire

WomenX Pakistan held a session with Aurelie Salvaire, a French social impact entrepreneur, titled THE BRAND OF YOU, at PSTD. The session highlighted the need for being a brand yourself and selling yourself, being a woman, to the right people. Women are usually great at selling everything and everyone but themselves, they usually think socially it is not acceptable to promote them publically. The session talked about these challenges that hold us back to promote the brand ‘YOU’ and to project with confidence that this is who we really are.

Aurelie started the session by discussing with the audience her childhood stories and the sweet messages in them, because these are the experiences that have influenced her life – in a good as well as bad way. The good ones shine, while the bad ones developed fear in her. Aurelie said, “These fears make us develop different armours – blaming others, numbing ourselves with toxics, aggression etc. These armours prevent us from growing.” She further added, "There is a crack in everything, that's where the light comes in"- the idea for imperfection and not giving up is the way to live.

Aurelie emphasized on this quote by Buddha, the MIND is everything you think you BECOME. To keep your mind in place meditate; add some nice practices to your bed time, like write a gratitude journal every night. Pay gratitude visits to people you love and don’t get time to express, write letters or just call them to tell them that you love them.

The workshop helped the WOMENX participants figure out their WHY in order to pitch their project more efficiently and present themselves in a more genuine and original way during networking sessions.

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