Chocolate Dipped Nails

Chocolate Dipped Nails (Valentine's Day Nails)

Never Knew

I never knew what love meant
until you touched my life.
You give life it's self-meaning and purpose.
With the whisper of your name
the birds sing no more,
or perhaps I loose the ability
to hear their song.
My heart longs only for the sound
of your voice,
I never knew life could be so full.
I never knew love could be so real.
I never knew what happiness was
until I new your love, dear.
With every breath I breathe,
with every beat of my heart,
my eternal soul agrees...
I never knew love until I knew your love.

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Sara.H said...

Yum yum! this is STUNNING :) xx

Fuchsia Magik said...

Thanks Darling <3

Sana Sadiq said...

Super Yummmmm <3 <3 they are looking absolutely gawjussssss <3 <3 xxxx

Fakhra's said...

mouth watering na.... <3